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Tax Investigation Service

What are the main types of enquiry

that HMRC could subject you to?












Kevin Igoe, Managing Director of PFP, has over 25 years experience in dealing with HMRC and has seen over 14,000 tax investigations and enquiries.



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It costs much less than a Tax Investigation

"We don’t think twice about office, car and liability insurances – but what about the risk of a tax investigation? The costs could be very high, which is why we’ve take full advantage of the tax investigation services as a matter of course. It’s just what we do as a responsible business"

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What is a Tax Investigation?

Simply put it's when HMRC make enquiries into your tax affairs. This can range from a phone call to a full blown investigation where they will go through the full books and records.

In recent years, we have seen an increase in the number of enquiries, both into individual tax returns and company returns. The tax authorities now have more powers than ever before to investigate UK businesses.

An enquiry or investigation into your tax affairs by HMRC can be disruptive, intrusive and expensive. It can also be a long and time-consuming process, in some cases lasting for a year or more, which in turn can lead to spiralling costs.


Why worry should I worry

-  I haven't done anything wrong?

Just because you haven't done anything wrong doesn't mean that you can't be picked on.

There doesn’t need to be a reason for HMRC to trigger an investigation. Every taxpayer who submits a tax return is at risk. No-one is immune.

Win or lose, you always have to pay the cost of handling the investigation, which is over and above our normal fees and the costs involved could be substantial.

Disruptive, intrusive and expensive; when HMRC investigate you or your business it can drag on for a year or more saddling you with spiraling costs and rocketing stress levels.



Protection is available...




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